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Yes, because that is all i have to talk about, although i went to wall*mart and gots me a poster of Itachi and Kisame, it is now on my wall beneath my orca poster. I watched the latest episode of shippuden, it was awesome when Sora started changing into the Kyuubi, also i have a feeling Sai's coming back after the scene at the hospital when we see a shadow come out of there and it dropped that arm splint or whatever they call it so there should be no mystery to who it is, also PLEASE MAKE THE FILLERS STOP!, i watch them cause i have no life, trust me i don't. I live on the internet literally. 
I MISS SAI WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, although i have him as a plush i still miss him.
I haven't been roleplaying have i. Right now i'm stuck with sasgay he kidnapped me, now i told him to kidnap Naruto but he insisted that would be to hard and nobody would miss me so i'm easier to kidnap. DANG HIM! 
Opps Gotta Go 

Another Dream about Harley

Seriously i don't know why i dream about him, it's the second dream about him, and it isn't even the same one. I mean as much as i talk about Sai you'd think i would dream about him, but NOOOO! I dream about Harley a guy from pokemon for crying out loud i don't even watch it anymore, although i do watch the episodes with Harley in it online, but not lately. And for a guy from a kids anime he's pretty darn HAWT! and gay, ooops i had to put that in no offense. I love him, but i love Sai way more and have yet to dream about him.

Anywayz, the dream starts at an ocean where it has an oil spill, the scene i could remember exactly it was heart breaking, i cried in the dream animals were dying, i saw a bird that was still alive and being the kind person i was i did the stupid thing of jumping into the filthy toxic water to save it, unfortunatly the water was strong and i was starting to drown, and who would come to my rescue, not Sai the person i believed to be my prince Charming, it was ................................HARLEY!...............wait a minute wait a MINUTE!! He has a heart he saves people he cares about people since when? Not that i was complaining at the time soooooooo anyway he saves me. He is the one who ends up getting sick and cold, since i took my jacket off before the whole jumpin in thing i gave mine to him to keep him warm along with his own jacket that he took off like i did, oh and i saved teh birdie, the dream sadly ends here(CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP!!!!) why does it always end like this. This dream was almost as good as the first one with him in it.


I coulnd't help it your too fun to dream about, also thax for savin me and teh birdy

Naruto Chappie 408

     I just read it, it has smexy Sasuke and Suigetsu in AKATSUKI CLOAKS!! and not jusy any Akatsuki cloaks, HOODIE AKATSUKI CLOAKS. It is a fangirls dream to see Sasuke in one of those, Kishimoto probably saw all the fanart of him in the cloak. Poor Naruto he's resorting to Sasuke's ways, wanting to avenge Jiraiya's death, it is uderstandable, but why act like emo boy. Also there is still no Sai i miss him ssooo ssooo much(crys).  ANYWAYZ there is alot of hot Sasuke and Suigetsu in this chappie. Naruto is also gonna train some more AGAIN! Seriously he trains alooooot! 
                      BYE BYE!!


                                                      Here is Sasuke in his hooded cloak HAWT AIN'T HE



                                                  AAAANND Here is Suigetsu who is equally HAWT!!


Sai and Dei Came Today!

 They CAME! Sai is soooooooooo CUUTE! DEI IS SOOOOOO CUUTE! I loves them both. They're everything i could of expected now if only Tachi would come then i would have them all safe and sound here and not worry about them. I also fill bad because I left poor Sai in the package seriously either he was next to Dei or he was at the bottom but i completely missed him i'm so mad at myself, my dad is all like"Becka sometimes i don't know about you".(!_!;)I wonder about myself being a total Sai fangirl and looking forward to him most i completely didn't see him. I said sorry to him and huggled him though, i wonder if he likes hugs "HMMMMMM, Well that doesn't matter i'll hug him anyways you too Dei".(UvU) I also got a japanese gummi i put the wrapper on my wall seriously though how sad is that.
Also Sai will be in the new Shippuden movie SQUEE! Wether he's in it a lot is the question. To me i am happy he's in it at all. My dog is also in love with Sai and Dei she wants to sleep next to them(She Thinks They're squeaky toys(-_-;) And i am scared to leave them near her soo i am gonna end up putting them near my computer desk.

I Get Naruto Vol. #30 Today

Yep  my big bro is going to borders while i get stuck at WalMart with my mother again, he said he'd buy it for me. Even though i read naruto online i like to buy the volumes and collect them i read it anyway. Right now my bro's annoying the hell out of me, and being an asswipe as well, he is singing to Atreyu and he has accomplished the role as acting gay. Also if he keeps touching my dear Lappi, i will seriously beat the shit out of him for violating what is mine.  Yes i named my laptop when i got his pretty self on christmas day i was listening to the nightwish song "Lappi" and it stuck. 
Anyways the rest of the twenty bucks my brother owes me will be wasted on the beutiful kawaii plush of Kadaj. 
Bye Bye! i will be leaving now with that ass of a brother. HELP ME!! 
PS. I Can't wait for the plushies i ordered to come especialy Sai SQUEEE!

Kadaj yay!! i loves him he's third on my fave anime dudes list first is Sai then Dei and then him. He's sexy in this screenie.

I RP too much and Plushies

Yep i discovered that i rp tooo much and if i affend anyone i sorry, but i have to admit it's entertaining to read. So i decided to try and do that less. So i wil talk about PLUSHIES!! because it's fun and they're two i still would love to have.
First off is KADAJ!! 
http://www.amazon.com/Final-Fantasy-Advent-Children-Phonestrap/dp/B001ASC25W/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1214792232&sr=1-2 AAAW! Ain't he KOOOOT! I was gonna order him yesterday but i saw darling Sai and got him instead.
Next is SASUKE!
http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Shippuden-Sasuke-12-inch-Phonestrap/dp/B001ASFHDQ/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1214791610&sr=1-6 Now believe me i am not one of his annoying possesive fangirls i share my fave guyz even Sai. I used to hate Sasuke for what he did to Naruto. It caused poor Naruto so much hurt and pain and i could feel it in my heart. This plush is the best one i've seen of Sasuke it's cute and Sexy and that is a rare find.(SASUNARU FOREVER!) Whaaaat i loves Sasuke and Naruto together it koot, they belong together they just haven't relised it yet, Naruto has in ways but just doesn't know he loves Sasuke.

Bye Bye!!

Yep my dad just ordered Plushies from amazon i woulda got Kadaj too but i had to choose between three so i got Deidara, Itachi, and at the last minute Sai i wasn't even planning on it because i didn't know they had one out of him yet. My dad had already filled out the order information while i was on the phone with my friend Mandi (emo-death-blade) she asked me to look up other plushes of characters like Cloud, Vincent Valentine, and Sepheroth, and so i told her which i thought was true at the time that they have'nt  came out with a Sai plushie yet so i thought why not search for Sai which i did and i screamed at the results thay have Sai plushies now i was in luck that my dad had not sent out the order yet, poor Mandi i think she went deaf when i screamed in her ear i said sorry, so yeah i begged my dad so i had to delete Kadaj from the order form(SOBS)i had to choose and i loved Sai so much more so it was a simple choice i wanted Dei and Tachi more too so there was no choice between that although my poor dad had to start over the order form info. Alas i am happy really really a thousand times really happy. Yep the sad thing is i couldn't wait for my birthday which is in September.
  http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Sai-13-inch-Plush-Phonestrap/dp/B001ASC266/ref=pd_sim_t_2 Here's Sai Squee!
 http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Deidara-12-inch-Plush/dp/B000WUXP2S/ref=pd_sim_t_1 Here's Deidara
http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Itachi-14-Plush-Figure/dp/B000V8AXDU/ref=pd_bxgy_t_img_b and Here's Itachi

 I am ssooooooo Happy Bye Bye!!!

Yazoo and other stuffs

Well after watching Final Fantasy yet again i am gonna rant about Yazoo Yay Right. I wuv him along with his other awesome brothers i wuvs his long hair and low voice and his smirks Squuee! I also read the new chappie of naruto and it was funny and depressing, also i have been on Sai withdrawls i mean it's like he's vanished into thin air that is why i have been paying attention to pokemon and final fantasy lately also i gonna buy a Kadaj plushie off amazon i screamed when i saw and yelled I"M GETTIN IT!!! The only reasons i watch pokemon anymore is for Harley or Shinji(Paul for american dubbed) they're purely awesome and hawt. I miss Sai so all the other stuff helps put my mind off him for a while, i will put a hawt pic of shinji and Yazoo up right now.

Here is Yazoo ain't he pretty and smexy yesh indeed

                           And here is Shinji and his hot smirk (yumm) oh ooops people heard that bye bye!


Yes, i had a dream about a guy from pokemon,but it was the awesomest. Basically it was set in my world and i was going on a trip to some theme park, it was probably a senior trip. And he was on the bus, well one of the buses, and i kinda bumped into him accendent i'm a total klutz,but sometimes it's a good thing;) Well, i said sorry and then i noticed who he was and i was all(O_O)yep something like that and then i thought in my head (OMG HEZ HARLEY FROM POKEMONZ SQUEEE!!!O_o.) And yeah my facial expression must of been weird since he left and went on a different bus,opposite to the one i was signed up on.And i yelled and pouted DANG IT!!!!!!!!And then a teacher told me to shut my mouth and get on my bus.I secretly flipped her off,(this is my real choir teacher at school who really ain't my fave when it comes to teachers.) So i got on my bus and plotted when we got to the park that i'd find Harley or secretly stalk him(SAD AIN'T I). My best friend was there suprisingly since she'll graduate next year and i won't be a senior for three more years, i was also suprised that Harley was there too since he's like what 20 or somethin like that.(not that i was complaining) So when we got there i could not stalk him since well his bus got off first and heck like he even would care about me to wait, especially since our first encounter, but i asked tons of people which way he went or if they seen him, then i woke up,(CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!!) yep that is how i feel when i wake up from the most awesomest dream ever.

This is most likely the look on his face when i say sorry then look and see who he is and do that (O_O)face,which is freaky looking on me.(TRUST ME IT IS).

Tired and Sore

I am in so much pain right now and i really don't know why.I went to the doctor for it and she said it was PMS! I joined a new forum and was completely mad somebody stole  Sai kun as a bishie. Also i couldn't claim my new fandom Harley from pokemon, who's teh awesome. Oh well it is not the end of the world let other fans enjoy them.