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Yep my dad just ordered Plushies from amazon i woulda got Kadaj too but i had to choose between three so i got Deidara, Itachi, and at the last minute Sai i wasn't even planning on it because i didn't know they had one out of him yet. My dad had already filled out the order information while i was on the phone with my friend Mandi (emo-death-blade) she asked me to look up other plushes of characters like Cloud, Vincent Valentine, and Sepheroth, and so i told her which i thought was true at the time that they have'nt  came out with a Sai plushie yet so i thought why not search for Sai which i did and i screamed at the results thay have Sai plushies now i was in luck that my dad had not sent out the order yet, poor Mandi i think she went deaf when i screamed in her ear i said sorry, so yeah i begged my dad so i had to delete Kadaj from the order form(SOBS)i had to choose and i loved Sai so much more so it was a simple choice i wanted Dei and Tachi more too so there was no choice between that although my poor dad had to start over the order form info. Alas i am happy really really a thousand times really happy. Yep the sad thing is i couldn't wait for my birthday which is in September.
  http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Sai-13-inch-Plush-Phonestrap/dp/B001ASC266/ref=pd_sim_t_2 Here's Sai Squee!
 http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Deidara-12-inch-Plush/dp/B000WUXP2S/ref=pd_sim_t_1 Here's Deidara
http://www.amazon.com/Naruto-Itachi-14-Plush-Figure/dp/B000V8AXDU/ref=pd_bxgy_t_img_b and Here's Itachi

 I am ssooooooo Happy Bye Bye!!!