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I Get Naruto Vol. #30 Today

Yep  my big bro is going to borders while i get stuck at WalMart with my mother again, he said he'd buy it for me. Even though i read naruto online i like to buy the volumes and collect them i read it anyway. Right now my bro's annoying the hell out of me, and being an asswipe as well, he is singing to Atreyu and he has accomplished the role as acting gay. Also if he keeps touching my dear Lappi, i will seriously beat the shit out of him for violating what is mine.  Yes i named my laptop when i got his pretty self on christmas day i was listening to the nightwish song "Lappi" and it stuck. 
Anyways the rest of the twenty bucks my brother owes me will be wasted on the beutiful kawaii plush of Kadaj. 
Bye Bye! i will be leaving now with that ass of a brother. HELP ME!! 
PS. I Can't wait for the plushies i ordered to come especialy Sai SQUEEE!

Kadaj yay!! i loves him he's third on my fave anime dudes list first is Sai then Dei and then him. He's sexy in this screenie.