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Sai and Dei Came Today!

 They CAME! Sai is soooooooooo CUUTE! DEI IS SOOOOOO CUUTE! I loves them both. They're everything i could of expected now if only Tachi would come then i would have them all safe and sound here and not worry about them. I also fill bad because I left poor Sai in the package seriously either he was next to Dei or he was at the bottom but i completely missed him i'm so mad at myself, my dad is all like"Becka sometimes i don't know about you".(!_!;)I wonder about myself being a total Sai fangirl and looking forward to him most i completely didn't see him. I said sorry to him and huggled him though, i wonder if he likes hugs "HMMMMMM, Well that doesn't matter i'll hug him anyways you too Dei".(UvU) I also got a japanese gummi i put the wrapper on my wall seriously though how sad is that.
Also Sai will be in the new Shippuden movie SQUEE! Wether he's in it a lot is the question. To me i am happy he's in it at all. My dog is also in love with Sai and Dei she wants to sleep next to them(She Thinks They're squeaky toys(-_-;) And i am scared to leave them near her soo i am gonna end up putting them near my computer desk.