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Naruto Chappie 408

     I just read it, it has smexy Sasuke and Suigetsu in AKATSUKI CLOAKS!! and not jusy any Akatsuki cloaks, HOODIE AKATSUKI CLOAKS. It is a fangirls dream to see Sasuke in one of those, Kishimoto probably saw all the fanart of him in the cloak. Poor Naruto he's resorting to Sasuke's ways, wanting to avenge Jiraiya's death, it is uderstandable, but why act like emo boy. Also there is still no Sai i miss him ssooo ssooo much(crys).  ANYWAYZ there is alot of hot Sasuke and Suigetsu in this chappie. Naruto is also gonna train some more AGAIN! Seriously he trains alooooot! 
                      BYE BYE!!


                                                      Here is Sasuke in his hooded cloak HAWT AIN'T HE



                                                  AAAANND Here is Suigetsu who is equally HAWT!!