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Another Dream about Harley

Seriously i don't know why i dream about him, it's the second dream about him, and it isn't even the same one. I mean as much as i talk about Sai you'd think i would dream about him, but NOOOO! I dream about Harley a guy from pokemon for crying out loud i don't even watch it anymore, although i do watch the episodes with Harley in it online, but not lately. And for a guy from a kids anime he's pretty darn HAWT! and gay, ooops i had to put that in no offense. I love him, but i love Sai way more and have yet to dream about him.

Anywayz, the dream starts at an ocean where it has an oil spill, the scene i could remember exactly it was heart breaking, i cried in the dream animals were dying, i saw a bird that was still alive and being the kind person i was i did the stupid thing of jumping into the filthy toxic water to save it, unfortunatly the water was strong and i was starting to drown, and who would come to my rescue, not Sai the person i believed to be my prince Charming, it was ................................HARLEY!...............wait a minute wait a MINUTE!! He has a heart he saves people he cares about people since when? Not that i was complaining at the time soooooooo anyway he saves me. He is the one who ends up getting sick and cold, since i took my jacket off before the whole jumpin in thing i gave mine to him to keep him warm along with his own jacket that he took off like i did, oh and i saved teh birdie, the dream sadly ends here(CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP!!!!) why does it always end like this. This dream was almost as good as the first one with him in it.


I coulnd't help it your too fun to dream about, also thax for savin me and teh birdy


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Jul. 23rd, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
yo hes so hott
no wonder you had a dream about him becka hes a cutey
Jul. 24th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)
Re: yo hes so hott
Yay My sister agrees with me, hi sis. Harley is gonna be in the Rp, hey that rymed COOOL!
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