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Yes, because that is all i have to talk about, although i went to wall*mart and gots me a poster of Itachi and Kisame, it is now on my wall beneath my orca poster. I watched the latest episode of shippuden, it was awesome when Sora started changing into the Kyuubi, also i have a feeling Sai's coming back after the scene at the hospital when we see a shadow come out of there and it dropped that arm splint or whatever they call it so there should be no mystery to who it is, also PLEASE MAKE THE FILLERS STOP!, i watch them cause i have no life, trust me i don't. I live on the internet literally. 
I MISS SAI WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, although i have him as a plush i still miss him.
I haven't been roleplaying have i. Right now i'm stuck with sasgay he kidnapped me, now i told him to kidnap Naruto but he insisted that would be to hard and nobody would miss me so i'm easier to kidnap. DANG HIM! 
Opps Gotta Go 


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Nov. 1st, 2009 09:20 am (UTC)
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