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Envy Yay!!

Well today is gonna be busy so i figured i should post an entry before i leave. And i feel horribly bad that i forgot Envy the greatest sin in the world, hottest one too, oh and cute. Anyway Envy is my fifth fave anime dude i just love him both in the anime and manga. His cutesy, craziness personality is awesome also the facial expressions he makes is cute too, i love his little nickname for Ed it's cute whenever he says Chibi. He is just awesome and i love how he know's it, also in the anime his fighting style is so agile and graceful, but that kick looks painful, i would never want to anger him(;O_O;). Yeah so i also love that he has anger issues it's cute, i also love his laugh(Japanese version) oh and he has a belly shirt like Sai, but he wears a skort he looks KOOT in it. Yep he Koot, and i wuv him, but don't worry i haven't forgotten Sai. I haven't seen him lately he's been gone since early this morning "Sai where awe yooooou".

My hubby Kadaj WOO HOO 0u0

Well to start things off i slept in until 11:00. Yeah well if your wondering about tee title of this entry and all, Kadaj is only my rp character Dispair's hubby so i'm not cheating on dear Sai(^u^) cause i know he'd kill me if i did and poor Kadaj would have to suffer his wrath that wouldn't be pretty(O_o;). So anywaaayz Kadaj i loves him also he's forth in my list of fave anime dudes. I count him as an anime dude so yeah, i love his smexiness and childish personality, and he just wants his mommy and i can understand that. Dispair even born him a child i called it Saija yep they got mad cause it had Sai in it and they told me why don't i name mine and Sai's kid that, i told them i was too young for that and they were all like    (-_-;)
 Okay they took the name in honor of me and Sai, i personally loved that name and saw nothing wrong with it. Oh well i also love Kadaj's laugh and his craziness, he's utterly the awesomest FF character he has a firey personality too, which i loves(^v^) yep i loves it.
Today i was on wolfquest forums to give entertainment since the rest of my day was blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Yep it was blah, i loves this game,Wolfquest is fun and the best part is you get to be a wolfy squee i wuvs me a wolfy.
Bye Bye(0v0)

And here is a link to Wolfquest's website because seriously this game is awesome it's free and the graphics are simply beutiful http://www.wolfquest.org/

My other fandom Kura-kun

Well i was very busy today, so i wasn't on lappi all day he's very upset with me. I got home from Akatsuki's hideout and Sai was upset too, i think i can't tell with him. Okay i decided to tell about my other fandom since i want to give all of my fave characters a chance to shine, and let's face it poor Kura-kun never gets his time to shine he is always portrayed as the bad person he is and poor Ryou is also caught up in his messes, i mean Yugi and his other friends are way distant from him, but since Bakura is now gone(,l_l,) waaah i cried when that happened and seriously most if not all of my fave character die it all started with Kura and then went on to L, Mello, Matt, Sasori, Deidara, and then Taachiii!!!(Soooooobs). I just hope Sai doesn't have this fate, also Envy died but not in the manga so Yay!!(0v0). Anyways kura was when i started to find anime guys HAAWWTT! So you can say he was my first ever anime guy crush followed with Malik, and his dark ,Marik. I watched the english version so i fell in love with his accent, and his long fluffy white hair SQUEEE!!! Yeah anywaaaayzzz i also loved his bad ass self i also had a liking to his hikari Ryou-kun, it was his accent and cute shy charms also his hair too. The only reason i ever watched the anime was simply because of these character because in my opinion the episodes sucked without them. I especially loooved his ancient self i called Touie, short for Touzokou, i luved him and his sexy abs and his scar. All in all i loved how minor his character was, mostly cause i had a feeling that he would have a much bigger role. Also he does have feelings when he protected Ryou it was so cute i was all like AAAAAAAWWW!!(0u0), 

Anywaayz here is cool japanese fanart of him it's smexy credit will go to original artist same as all the other arts i have posted
Sai i miiiiss you, i hate that this filler will probably have less of him8(

Itachi's Day

Weeelll i think OniiSama had fun i got him to smile, first i sang happy birthday to him and then we had breakfast it was good. Then i told him what we were gonna do today, first i asked if he would give me shuriken and kunai training, he didn't want to at first since he felt bad about Sasuke Oniisama when he never trained him, but he looked like he had fun, then we went to a town and we went to the onsen, after i asked where he wanted to eat at, we got his favorite, Dango and green tea. Then we got ice cream, it was yummy. Then i asked Oniisama what he wanted to do, then he started to give me hugs and kissies, i don't understand why that was what he wanted to do, but i just guess that's what Oniisamas like to do. Then we got to the hideout and everybody suprised him they sang to him too, they was being bad though since they were drinking Sake and other bad drinks,Itachi started acting goofy and smiling more and he started hugging and kissing me,till i got scared and Dei Dei saved me, I asked Dei Dei what was wrong and he told me that Oniisama had too much sake, he also said that i had to stay the night with him since he was worried for me to be with Oniisama tonight, i don't understand why though. We also had cake and i gave Tachi my present the Dei Dei helped me with, it was a picture of me and Oniisama, he liked and has it on his table next to the one of him and sasuke, also i wonder it Sasuke remembered Oniisama's birthday too.
Well you heared about Hikari and Tachi's day, while i decorated the whole time. I have to admit i didn't know Itachi could drink that much i got worried about Hikari there for a second thank goodness Dei rescued her,i don't have the heart to explain to Hikari what Itachi was doing to her was not sibling affections, and speaking of Deidara he got drunk as well but he's not a pedophile so we need not be worried about Hikari staying the night with him, although he is perverted towards me, and let me tell you he got waaaaaaaaaay to close for confort tonight. I've deicide to stay the night i hope Sai doesn't get too worried about me since he knows how loyal i am to him even though Tachi and Dei are tempting. Also i hope that jerkwad Sasuke fills bad that he missed his Niisama's b-day.
Bye Bye!_!

Hot Lily art of Itachi


YAY!! It's brother's birthday (starts to poke Itachi till he wakes up) Tachi happy birthday we gonna have fun today, uh oh Itachi, looks like Hikari has suprises for you today.[I0_0l] yep you'll definetly have fun. So Hikari has planned her brother's special day, we can only imagine a five year old's plan, he'll enjoy it though he finds Hikari's antics cute, especially when she tries to make him smile. I will later tell you what they did today, birthday cake is planned, and most of the akatsuki members agreed to decorate and bake it, and when i say most i mean most because Dei hating Tachi and all was well kind of forced to, for Hikari's sake mostly. Did i forget to mention there is gonna be sake and martinis thanks to the members who could not have a celebration without the alchoholic beverages.
I love Itachi and hope his day is great, he'll have fun with Hikari, he's never had a sister and brother day since when he was young it was brother brother days. He was relucntant to become close to Hikari since he felt guilty for what he did to his brother, and she reminded him alot of Sasuke and he didn't want to have a another close sibling relationship. But he loves Hikari to death and quickly fell to her charms when she tried to get him to pay attention to her.
Bye Bye for now, and here's s picture of Tachi, this is what i would imagine his face looking like when he walks in to the suprise party, anywaaayz i better help set up too, this is gonna be biiig. Also my version of Itachi is really inspired from mutsumix's version that is when i came up with Hikari, Itachi is quite the pedophile, my version not so much he just cuddles and kisses on Hikari, Who does not understand what he's doing she just thinks that how siblings show their affection.


 More amazing art by Mutsumix apparently Sasuke made Itachi Cake too:)

I was bored all day again and when your bored you read fanfiction! 
Anyway I have decided to talk about Deidara who's second after Sai at winning my heart. I love his smexiness and his art, i'm sure he'd approve of me now, since his ego is HUGE!!!! and thinks his art is all this and that although i do agree it is. I can't even make decent play-doh sculptures. Deidara to me is very hot headed, ego-centric, and jugemental, and very over confident in his ability's(If anyone's noticed)He think's and knows he's a talented artist and also he judges people by what he's heared of or known of about them. Example calling naruto a monster and judging Sasuke just because he isn't interested in his art at the moment. Let's face it Sasuke respecting anybody would be like pigs flying, and Poor Dei Dei doesn't know this, i hate Sasuke and yet I don't he caused Deidara's death and Itachi's some way or another, but he's my bro so i don't hate him MUCH. So yeah as much as i hate to say this Dei would make a bad husband and even worse father(Let's Face Facts all he cares about is of course his art)but i still love him. It's gotta be his personality firey and is easily irritated(By Tobi) i bet i'd irritate him till he decides to blow me up, but before that i'll tell him what a great artist he is and that i admire him and yadda yadda yadda you know what kinds of things he'd loooove to hear.
Watching episodes or reading the manga whenever Dei's in it it is always entertaining, except when his dumb ass decides to blow himself up!!_!!. So anywaayz i miss him, but don't worry i brought him back with the power of FANFICTION(O_O)!! Great am i not? To me he deserve's to live to let future generations know of his awesomeness!!!!! Also i have to mention his hands and chest i love his mouths ~ ~ ~
(I wonder what he does with them? hmmmmmn maybeeee :}  no can't tell you but you can only imagine). 8}
Well he makes art with them and amongst other thiiiiiings, "AHEM"(;O_O;) Yeah let's not get into that.;} He'd kill me if i'd ask him what else he did with them! Although it is very tempting to think NOPE!! BETTER!! NOT!! Dei is probably reading this as we speak(AHEM CUE"S MY FRIEND) i better stop while i'm ahead, yep that's the smart thing to do, but if Dei  has read this than i'll use my super shield("Sai Get Over Here"!!).
Bye "Have Mercy oh great Deidara".

 This is probably the look on his face when he reads this:)

Good Morning

 Well it's very early, but i have to go to church, i don't mind it much since it gives me a thing to do for one day. And don't be critical please i may be christian but i not a hypicritical one who whats to convert the world. Right now i'm waiting for my mom to get ready and she'll take all day if she could. When i get back i'll stare at Sai all day, because ain't he just sexy to look at. I have problems of getting off my original topic just to talk about Sai, also i have to say there is not enough Sai fanfiction, although i only read SaiNaru ones since i love Sai with Naruto, I think it's cute. 
And another thing it's Itachi's B-day tomorrow and Hikari has special plans for her brother's day, although i do wonder if he'll enjoy them since she's a 5 year old after all.




New Chapter of Naruto

 I just read it and i'm sick and tired of flashbacks and cliffhangers. Although seeing Itachi cry melted my heart. I have always known Itachi was good and i've always had his back. "Kisimoto" i really don't know what to say your plot keeps getting deeper by the week, if it get's any deeper it'll probably get sucked into a black hole. Also Hikari is feeling like Itachi loved Sasuke more than her. As it does seem that way. I am also bringing Itachi, and Deidara back to life, i have my ways(Cough"FanFiction"Cough Cough). So anyways is Sasuke going to die i don't know if he does Hikari will be alone, but she'll have Sai who she has adopted as an older brother. Bye Bye! 
 The Pic is by Mutsumix's Artist  Link to site in one of my earlier entrys. Just don't still art from the site and put it on another website without credit to the original artist. 

Why I Luv Sai

 I don't Know if it's much, but here's an awsome Itasasu Fansite It's mostly fluff and angst so it's not too adult rated.
My day so far has been very long, although i look forward to the new naruto shippuden episode and manga chapter.
I am very bored right now, but this helps.
I've decided to talk about Sai and how much i luv him. One reason i luv him is how he always taunts Naruto and i am a BIG supporter of SaiNaru, For some reason i hate straight pairings with anime guys mainly because i have issues with getting extremely jealous when i see anime girls with my favorite guys. You know when Sai called Ino Ms. Beutiful in the manga and the anime, well let's just say Sakura wasn't the only one raging mad. I am glad because right now in the anime the writers are having fun testing out Sainaru and apparently enjoy it. I also luv Sai's artistic abilities and personally envy it, one thing i don't get is how he can draw that stinkin fast. I have to take hours to do a little doodle or sketch and they still turn out crappy. And i know Sai spends time on his leisure works, the ones i mean are his drawings that are done to attack or help on missions, anybody who can draw that fast and the drawing still turns out perfect i envy ALOT! I also love his personality(Yes he has one),after we see his first real smile he develops a personality i describe as cute but hilarious. Especially after the Sasuke retrieval ark, in the library when he blushed i squeled and growled since he blushed at Sakura even though she means nothing to him more than a good friend. I also laughed uncontrollably when he called Sakura an Ugly Dog. I have to go now but, i probally edit this when i come back.

My OC Uchiha Hikari

Oh my lord i discovered i can draw a pretty good Itachi and Hikari when i put my mind to it. It's very late but i don't care.
And if you don't know who HIkari is(most likely not) she is my 5 year old oc who is the younger sister of Itachi and Sasuke she really fits into the storyline of the Naruto series pretty much. A couple of minor changes, but that's why they invented Fanfiction. She basically looks like Sasuke when he was little(He was adorable!!!)but she has longer bangs and her hair in the back is lengthened(Not Much). She has a cute personality and has a stuffed dog(Her Trademark)named Inu, given to her by Itachi. Basically her story is that she was born a couple months before the uchihas were all killed. She was then given to the Uchihas closet friends the Nao clan, one of the family's of this clan were not able to bear children and they were really close to Fugaku and Mikoto(The Parents Of Sasuke and Itachi For people who don't know or remember), though it was hard for Mikoto to depart with her child whom she had given a name to, it was an order. As the previous Manga chapters state the Uchihas were gonna rebel against Konoha. So i thought i have a better reason for Hikari to be given away as a deal sealer, since the two clans were close they gave her away to make sure the Nao clan would have the Uchihas back every step of the way when they decided to attack the village. Then Itachi comes assigned to kill all the uchihas except Sasuke of course. Since the Nao clan knew of the village rebellion planned by the uchihas, Itachi was assighned to kill all them as well. Just like his brother he couldn't bring himself to kill his little sister either. As for Sasuke he didn't know about HIkari, He was told that his baby sister died at birth so he never knew of her, but Itachi was able to see her and forbidden to speak of what really happened to her around or to Sasuke. Basically Hikari lived with a family who took her in during the four and a half years she lived there. Then one night Itachi was ordered by Uchiha Madara to retrieve Hikari because she'd be a good help to them after she's mastered sharingan. She wakes uo to her adoptive family killed and meets Itachi who right away tells her who he was and that she was an uchiha and that he and Sasuke(Whom she has met and tried to gain his attention) are her brothers. She gets scared and starts to scream and cry, but Itachi uses his sharigan to make her pass out and fall unconscious. So she lives with the Akatsuki. I have to say that playing a 5 year old is quite fun since i also play as Hikari in me and my friend's Rp. This is Basically Hikari's Bio so far. I'm to tired to type any more right now. Bye Bye!_!