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Journal Of A Sai Fangirl

I Am Pathetic

Sai Obsessed? "Yes, Very"
I am an ossesed fangirl of Sai and proud. I love anime,manga,wolves,the Sims2,And this awsome wolf game called wolfquest it's free downloadable and don't worry it's a safe virus free game. I am Also a Deidara fan girl and an Itachi Fangirl as well. I hate math and suck at it i proud to say i've got F's in that class my whole life. I like to write poems and stories and roleplays as well. I like to draw to, but i suck at drawing people. I can only draw anime chibis if i have to draw people(Sai,Itachi,Deidara,and my 5 year old rp character Hikari Uchiha(yes, She's the younger sister of Itachi and Sasuke, but she fits in the storyline with a couple of minor changes,she looks exactly like Sasuke when he was little(only she's a girl with longer bangs in the front),I can also draw animals, Mostly Wolves,Horses,dogs,cats,and weasels. I am proud to say that my other rp character Dispair is married to Kadaj(He's my hubby:]). Me and my friend roleplay with each other, i play three characters that i created they are Hikari Uchiha,Dispair, and Nemo the little sister of Kadaj and his Brothers she's five too and looks like all the brothers(she has thier hair and eyes) I luv animals especialy wolves becuase I luv their beauty and thier social pack structure is amazing to me. That's enough about me yep, oh and my reasons for loving Sai are to much for words, I luv his personality(Even though he's emotionless he does show a personlity) I love how he loves to taunt Naruto(i find this cute and i support SaiNaru aparrantly so do the animators of the show is you watch it you'll find this out), I luv his art, and his facial expressions after the sasuke retrieval ark they're too cute for words. Oh yeah and he's good to look at;P
I done this time. bye bye Llama Milk(random much).